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The Tempest

O brave new world!

A wild storm at sea causes a shipwreck and brings the evil Antonio the Duke of Milan, the counselor Gonzalo, Alonso the King of Naples, Alonso's son Ferdinand, and others to an enchanted island. On the island live the magician Prospero, his daughter Miranda, the spirit Ariel, and the ugly half-human, Caliban. To make things more interesting, Prospero is Antonio's brother and Antonio orchestrated a coup to take over the dukedom.

Magic and adventure is sure to follow. Come and be "such stuff as dreams are made on"

Some good references for the play are:

The Story
Text of the play

SparkNotes summary of the play
Charles and Mary Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare
Background information
Shake-Sphere - The Tempest

Virgil's Aeneid
Ovid's Metamorphoses
William Strachey's A True Reportery
Michel de Montaigne's Of the Caniballes

Film Versions
The Tempest (1960) with Richard Burton, Lee Remick and others
Prospero's Books (1991) with Sir John Gielgud
Tempest (1982) a modernized version with John Cassevetes

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