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The Merry Wives of Windsor

It's hard to keep track of who's deceiving whom in this comedy romp.

First Sir John Falstaff deceives Mistress Ford and Mistress Page about his affection for them - and their money. Before the "merry wives" in turn deceive Sir John.

Then the host deceives Evans and Dr. Caius about a duel.

Master Ford takes his turn at deceiving Falstaff as Mr. Brook (or is it Mr. Broom?)

The list goes on. and on.

Other questions to ponder:

How can Mistress Quickly interpret qui, quae, quod into a suggestive double entendre?

How big of a laundry basket does it take to hold Sir John Falstaff?

Finally, do you think that Shakespeare really wrote The Merry Wives of Windsor in fourteen days at the prompting of Queen Elizabeth who wanted to see Falstaff in love?

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