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Henry IV - part 2

Completes the story of the reign of King Henry IV - now quite ill, the development of Prince Hal into his future role, and the earthy antics of Sir John Falstaff.

Enjoy the malapropisms such as "temporality", "continuantly", and "bastardly" as only Mistriss Quickly can say.

Take pleasure in Doll Tearsheet's terms of endearment such as "fustian rascal", "muddy conger", and "paper-faced villian".

This is a true morality play with characters such as Shallow, Fang, and Feeble.

Some good references for the play are:

The Story
Text of the play
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Britannia.com - Henry IV
Background information
Shakespeare timeline
The reign of Henry IV
See paintings of Henry IV and his contemporaries

Raphael Holinshead's Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Film Versions
Henry IV - part 2 (1979) BBC

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