Internship Opportunities

The Lex-Ham Community Theater is very eager to work with students who are theater and other majors at local colleges and universities on internship programs.

The theater will work with the students and schools to customize an internship experience to meet the needs of both the student and the theater. Some internship opportunities include leadership roles such as

Stage Manager Work with director through rehearsals and run the show during the performances
Set Designer Design the set for the production and work with the set construction crew
Costume Coordinator/Designer Acquire or create costumes to be worn by the actors
Assistant Director Work with and assist the director throughout the process
Lighting Designer Design an effective use of light to set the mood and illuminate the actors on stage
Marketing Coordinator Work with the Twin Cities media to publicize the production

Contact or call 651-644-3366 for more information.

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Last updated: 07/15/2002