Audition Information

The audition process varies somewhat with each Lexington-Hamline Community Theater production.  The artistic director involved will customize the process to some extent.  

For the most part, our auditions are rather informal and low-key.  While it is definitely not required, people can come with a prepared monologue if they would like to.  People can also come and read a scene or two from the current play.  It is definitely to your advantage to have read through the play so you are somewhat familiar with the show.  We will provide copies of the script for those coming to the auditions.

Persons coming to the auditions will be asked to fill out an information form that the director will use for background information, notations about conflicts the person may have with rehearsal and performance dates, and notes taken during the audition.

We encourage persons who have not been involved with theater in the past or recently to come to auditions.  Many people with limited experience have gotten on-stage roles in our productions.  Unfortunately, it is not always possible to offer everyone a role.  There are many other ways to be involved:  designing and building sets, coordinating props, helping with publicity, selling tickets and handing out programs at the performances, finding costumes, serving as the stage manager, working with lights and sound, to name a few.  Helping out in these various ways allows one to develop new skills, stay in touch with friends from the company, and experience all the components of putting on a show. 

Save time at the auditions by downloading and filling out the audition info form before you arrive.

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Last updated: 12/13/2007