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Directed by John Townsend

Performances are at:
7:00 p.m., Friday, Sept 23
7:00 p.m., Saturday, Sept 24
2:00 p.m., Sunday, Sept 25 - post-show conversation with Professor Ivančica Schrunk
7:00 p.m., Thursday, Sept 29
7:00 p.m., Friday, Sept 30
7:00 p.m., Saturday, Oct 1

Wellstone Center auditorium, 179 Robie Street E, Saint Paul

Order your tickets on-line. Seating is general admission.
Call 1.800.838.3006 extention 1 or 2 with any questions about making reservations.
Read the program from the play.
See photos from some scenes from the play.


Cast and Roles
Actor Character in play Role
Stuart Alger Stuart Alger Mark Antony One of the Roman triumvirs
Anna Olson Anna Olson Cleopatra Queen of Egypt
Derek Dirlam Derek Dirlam Octavius Caesar One of the Roman triumvirs
Richard Daly Richard Daly Lepidus One of the Roman triumvirs
Chaz Truog Chaz Truog Sextus Pompeius or Pompey Rebel against the triumvirs
John Gottskalkson John Gottskalkson Domitius Enobarbus Follower of Antony
Mia Lawrence Mia Lawrence Octavia Sister of Octavius Caesar
Denise Sumpter Denise Sumpter Philo, Clown Follower of Antony
Nate Johnson Nate Johnson Eros Follower of Antony
Bow Ludwig Bow Ludwig Scarus Follower of Antony
David Ott David Ott Dercetas Follower of Antony
Patrick McNamer Patrick Michael McNamer Ventidius Follower of Antony
Grant Genovese Grant Genovese Silius Follower of Antony
Amanda Oporto Amanda E. Oporto Canidius Follower of Antony
Jack Neveaux Jack Neveaux Schoolmaster, Euphronius  
Eric Wood Eric Wood Maecenus Follower of Octavius Caesar
Brian Tangren Brian Tangren Agrippa Follower of Octavius Caesar
Bill Solvang Bill Solvang Dolabella, Menecrates  
Ian Taylor Ian Taylor Thyreus Follower of Octavius Caesar
Troy Lowry Troy Lowry, Jr Proculeius Follower of Octavius Caesar
Agnes Rzpecki Agnes Rzpecki Charmian Attendant on Cleopatra
Alyssa Brooke Alyssa Brooke Iras Attendant on Cleopatra
Elliot Drolet Elliot Drolet Alexas, Varrius  
Gina Rice Gina Rice Cleopatra’s messenger  
Ashok Bokde Ashok Bokde Menas Follower of Pompey
Vani Ramakrishnan Vani Ramakrishnan Soothsayer, Diomedes  
Erin Malody Erin Malody Ensemble  
Bob McDonald Robert McDonald Ensemble  

Production Team
Team member Role
John Townsend John Townsend Director
Denise Sumpter Denise Sumpter Stage Manager
Dutton Foster Dutton Foster Set Designer
Alexandra Gould Alexandra Gould Costume Designer
Morgan Jellison Morgan Jellison Fight Director
Jake Otto Jake Otto Lighting Designer
Beth Henningsen Beth Henningsen Music Director
Urban Landreman Urban Landreman Producer

Headshot photo credit: Tara Harris

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