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Lex-Ham Community Theater presents
Eugene O'Neill's The First Man

Directed by Mary Cutler

The wife of a famous career-focused anthropologist is pregnant.
The news sparks strong reaction among family and friends in their community of Bridgetown
, Connecticut.
The intrigue and whispers are deafening.

Performances are:
7:00 p.m., Friday, Nov 7

7:00 p.m., Saturday, Nov 8
7:00 p.m., Thursday, Nov 13 (Pay What You Want performance)
7:00 p.m., Friday, Nov 14
7:00 p.m., Saturday, Nov 15
7:00 p.m., Friday, Nov 21
7:00 p.m., Saturday, Nov 22
James J. Hill House, 240 Summit Avenue St. Paul

Since there are very few seats at the James J. Hill House for each performance,
it is HIGHLY recommended to make a reservation
Tickets are $25.
For any questions on tickets or attending the performances, call 620-340-5325.


Actor Character in play Role
Stuart Alger Stuart Alger Curtis Jayson An anthropologist determined to lead an expedition to the Tibetan highlands to discover "the first man." He has the appearance of rugged strength. He retains an eager boyish enthusiasm in spite of its prevailing expression of preoccupied aloofness.
Megan Johnson Megan Johnson Martha Jayson Curtis' wife. A healthy fine-looking woman. She does not appear her age for strenuous outdoor life has kept her young. She possesses the frank, clear direct quality of the outdoors.
Bill Studer Bill Studer John Jayson Father of Curtis and a successful banker. A solid man, a typical small-town, New England best-family banker, reserved in pose, unobtrusively important – a placid exterior hiding querulousness and a fussy temper
Aaron Wlaschin Aaron Wlaschin John Jayson, Jr. Brother of Curtis. Resembles his father, but pompous, obtrusive, purse-and-family-proud, extremely irritating in his self-complacent air of authority emptily assertive, and loud.
Corey DiNardo Corey DiNardo Richard Jayson Brother of Curtis. A typical young casino and country club member, college-bred, good looking, not unlikable. He has been an officer in the war and has not forgotten it.
Maureen Tripp Maureen Trepp Esther Sheffield Sister of Curtis and wife of Mark Sheffield. She has the contented face of one who lives unthinkingly from day to day. She is sheltered in an assured position in her little world.
Kira Pontiff Kira Pontiff Lily Jayson Younger sister of Curtis. A slender, rather pretty girl. The stamp of a college student is still very much about her. She insists on a superior, intellectual air, full of nervous energy.
Bill Sikorski Bill Sikorski Mark Sheffield A corporate lawyer. His long face is alert, shrewd, cautious, full of the superficial craftiness of the lawyer mind.
Mary Kay Fortier-Spalding Mary Kay Fortier-Spalding Mrs. Davidson

John Jayson's aunt and matriarch of the Jayson clan. A thin, sinewy old lady, old-fashioned, unbending and rigorous in manner.

Alison Anderson Alison Anderson Emily Jayson Wife of John Jayson, Jr. A small mouse-like woman who conceals beneath an outward aspect of gentle, unprotected innocence – a very active envy, a silly pride and a mean malice.
Colin Healey Colin Healey Richard Bigelow A friend of Curtis from Cornell University. A large, handsome man. His face shows culture and tolerance, a sense of humor, and a lazy unambitious contentment.
Jessie Fullerton Jessie Fullerton A maid A loyal maid of the Jayson family.
Erin Malody Erin Malody Nurse A nurse
Jodi Matheson Jodi Matheson Nurse A nurse
Denise Remak Denise Remak Nurse A nurse

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