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Directed by Kari Steinbach

When news that the waste from the local tanneries threatens the local medicinal baths, a new tourist attraction for the town in Norway,
the conflict between health versus economic development begins. How will it end?

Performances are:
7:00 p.m., Friday, Nov 8

7:00 p.m., Saturday, Nov 9
7:00 p.m., Friday, Nov 15
7:00 p.m., Saturday, Nov 16
7:00 p.m., Friday, Nov 22
7:00 p.m., Saturday, Nov 23
James J. Hill House, 240 Summit Avenue St. Paul

NOTE: Presale tickets are sold out, but limited walk-up seating may be available.
Tickets are $22.

Scene from An Enemy Of The People
Peter Stockmann (George Calger) and Thomas Stockmann (David Denninger) have a heated discussion in front of a concerned Catherine Stockmann (Kathy Kohlstedt) in a scene from An Enemy Of The People.

Cast photo of An Enemy of the People
Cast of The Enemy of the People
Photo by George M. Calger

Cast and Roles
Actor Character in play Role
David Denninger Doctor Thomas Stockmann A practicing medical doctor, the medical officer for Kirsten Springs, and the brother of the mayor. He is in the prime of his life; idealistic and enthusiastic to the point of disillusion. Thomas lived much of his life impoverished in the countryside; but is now relatively prosperous and living in a bustling town.
Kathy Kohlstedt Catherine Stockmann Dr. Stockmann's wife, and daughter of Morten Kiil. Catherine is loyal to her husband but practical. She often encourages her husband to think of his family when he is being hasty or irrational.
George M.Calger Peter Stockmann Mayor of the town and Dr. Stockmann's brother. He is also chairman of the baths committee for Kirsten Springs. Peter is a bachelor, nearing sixty years old in this story. He is a cautious and sometimes ruthless politician.
Paul Ratté Hovstad Editor of the People's Daily Messenger, the town's leftist newspaper. He is in his early thirties in this story, and has a peasantry background. Slightly corrupt and conflicted, Hovstad is at heart a political radical that just wants to belong.
Frank Blomgren Aslaksen Printer for the People's Daily Messenger. A lover of moderation, and representative of the Temperance Society.
Aaron Wlaschin Billing Junior editor of the People’s Daily Messenger. Billings is a radical, like Hovstad, but he is also ambitious and plans to run for office.
James Currell Captain Horster A ship captain who has little concern for local politics. Horster is a quiet and courageous friend of the Stockmann family.
Richard Daly Morten Kiil Father of Catherine Stockmann. A wealthy, but slovenly old man. Kiil owns several of the tanneries that Dr. Stockmann implicates in his water pollution report.
Kira Pontiff Petra Stockmann Daughter of Thomas and Catherine Stockmann. Petra is idealistic like her father. She is a hard-working teacher, but is frustrated that the law requires her to teach things she doesn't believe in.
Palmer Sola Ejlif Stockmann Son of Thomas and Catherine Stockmann.
Samuel Mork Morten Stockmann Son of Thomas and Catherine Stockmann.
Tom Kelly The Drunk  
Barcy Stricker Hedvig  
Bob Aulert Nansen  
David Merry Edvard  

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