Tombstone with dancing skeletons

Directed by Robin Johnson

Hue and Cry, by Deirdre Kinahan, one of Ireland's outstanding contemporary playwrights, is the story of Damian, who returns to Dublin after an absence of many years for his father's funeral. Damian talks with his cousin, Kevin, a dance choreographer, about family, life, and grief.

The performance will be part of the 2008 Minnesota Fringe Festival
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The Playwrights' Center, 2301 Franklin Ave E.

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and the Irish Fair of Minnesota
3:00 p.m. Sunday, August 10, 2008
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Cast of Hue and Cry

Damian and Kevin on a sofa
Damian (Nicholas Leeman) and Kevin (Grant Henderson) talk about family and the Rovers

Damian and Kevin
Damian (Nichaolas Leeman) and Kevin (Grant Henderson)

Kevin teaches Damian the Kryia
Kevin (Grant Henderson) teaches Damian (Nicholas Leeman) the Kriya

Deirdre Kinahan: "Hue and Cry is an attempt to look at grief and the effect it can have on you. I wrote it from my own experience of my wonderful mother's death. Grief shapes a person and becomes so much a part of them that I wanted to write about it. Damian never truly grieves for his mother who died when he a child and that shaped his destiny. Grief is something we all experience and, like all highly charged situations, it is ripe for laughter and tears.

I enjoy writing about people who reside in different social worlds and how they communicate and misunderstand. I also like to write about friendship and how it flourishes despite all obstacles."

Read the program from the show.

Watch Robin Johnson, Grant Henderson, and Nicholas Leeman talk about Hue and Cry

Robin Johnson

Grant Henderson

Nicholas Leeman

Stage Manager: Kyle Lerfald
Choreographer: Laura Grant

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