Campaign button for State of the Union

Directed by John Townsend


Lex-Ham Community Theater,
which has provided high quality theater in the Twin Cities since 1996,
in partnership with Sweet Charities Theatre Company,
which produces great theater productions to support deserving charities,
is proud to cast all of its votes and enthusiastically gives its entire support
to this wonderful comedy, which won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1946, about the campaign of Grant Matthews
to win the 1948 Republican nomination for the office of the
President of the United States of America

The performances will be at 7:30 p.m. June 20, 21, 26, 27, and 28, 2008
2:00 p.m., Sunday June 22
at the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Center, 179 Robie Street East, St. Paul, 55107
Directions to the Wellstone Center

See the feature article about the show in the Villager Newspaper

Tickets are $17 or $15 for students or seniors
Reserve your tickets on-line or call (651) 808-3600 for more information or reservations.

Cast by White House
Spike McManus (Mark Margolis) and Kay Thorndyke (Lynne Vannelli) have high hopes for Grant Matthews (Stuart Alger) as a candidate for President while his wife, Mary Matthews (Sasha Walloch), is not quite so sure.

See the program from the play

Grant and Mary Matthews See photos from the show!


Actor Character in play Role
Stuart Alger Stuart Alger Grant Matthews Successful businessman considering a run for the White House
Jennifer Amaya Jennifer Amaya Reporter Newspaper reporter
Frank Blomgren Frank Blomgren James Conover Political mover and shaker
Brian Casey Brian Casey Swenson Butler
Richard Daly Richard Daly Stevens Butler
Dan Dyke Dan Dyke Bellman Bellman
John Eichenlaub John Eichenlaub Senator Lauterback Senator concerned about the American farmers
Shelly Eichenlaub Shelley Eichenlaub Waitress Waitress
Michael Freier Michael Freier William Hardy One of the 'labor boys'
Tom Kelly Tom Kelly Representative from labor Representative from labor
Dionne King Dionne King Reporter Newspaper reporter
Mark Margolis Mark Margolis Spike McManus Washington political reporter on leave to help the Matthews campaign
Bob McDonald Bob McDonald Representative from labor Representative from labor
Paul McGlynn Paul McGlynn Sam Parrish

Friend of Grant and Mary's and political fund-raiser

Tara Nielson Tara Nielson Jenny Maid
Lana Rosario Lana Rosario Lulubelle Alexander Judge Alexander's wife
David Schliep David Schliep Judge Jefferson Davis Alexander Judge from the South
Jeremy Stahl Jeremy Stahl Reporter Newspaper reporter
Lynne Vannelli Lynne Vannelli Katherine Thorndyke Newspaper publisher
Sasha Walloch Sasha Walloch Mary Matthews Grant Matthews' wife
Natalie Westreich Natalie Westreich Norah/Grace Draper Maid/Party National Committee member and expert on the 'foreign vote'
Aaron Wlaschin Aaron Wlaschin Representative from labor Representative from labor

Production Team
Individual Production Team Role
John Townsend John Townsend Director
Tara Nielson Tara Nielson Stage Manager
Jennifer Amaya Jennifer Amaya Assistant Director/Movement Coach
Dutton Foster Dutton Foster Set Designer
Terri Winter Terri Winter Costume Designer
Wendi Johnson Wendi Johnson Costume Designer
Patricia Eaves Patricia Eaves Costumer
Jennifer Nagel Jennifer Nagel Props Coordinator
  James Mallek Set Construction
Kate Willard Kate Willard Stage Crew
Urban Landreman Urban Landreman Producer

Profits from this production will benefit the Minnesota Chapter of the National Organization for Women

The Minnesota Chapter of the National Organization for Women will have special programming
to complement the show each night. Their programming includes:
Friday, June 20 - Candidate Night
Saturday, June 21 - GLBT Night
Sunday, June 22 - Senior Sunday
Thursday, June 26 - Get Out The Vote Night
Friday, June 27 - Convention Night
Saturday, June 28 - Membership Night ($35 for 1-year membership & play)


Contact theater@LexHamArts for more information.

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