The Lex-Ham Community Theater presented two one-act plays on March 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, and 27 1999 at the St. Paul Central High School Auditorium.

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Fielder's Choice by Urban Landreman brings a family together on Father's Day and shows the long-standing and unresolved strains which often accompany such events.   Fielder's Choice is Mr. Landreman's second work performed by the Lex-Ham Community Theater.  His work, Bullets and Beauties, was performed by the troupe in spring 1998

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Cast members Marilyn Ehline, Karl Grahek, Rich Alteri, Pam Scott, and Jodi Larson rehearse Fielder's Choice

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Rich (Rich Alteri) and Ray (Karl Grahek) watch the baseball game on TV.

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Rich (Rich Alteri) and Brenda (Pam Scott) get into a heated discussion about remodeling the kitchen.

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Ellen (Marilyn Ehline) consoles Margaret (Jodi Larson).


The Mice Have Been Drinking Again by Cleve Haubold tells the very comic tale of a couple who live in a San Francisco Victorian apartment who try to arrange a date with the wife's cousin.  Cleve Haubold was born in 1930 and wrote over a dozen plays for adults and children.  Other plays of his include Sherlock Holmes and the Curious Adventure of the Clockwork Prince; Shut Up, Martha; and The Big Black Box.  During his life, he taught at several universities in Texas.  Mr. Haubold was featured in the 1975-76 Who's Who in the South and Southwest.

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Cast members David Heitzman, Paul Quie, Heidi Slen Walsh, and Traci Czech

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Roxanne (Traci Czech) has the oddest feeling while A-Ro (Paul Quie) realizes that something is missing.

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Harold (Paul Quie) and Roxanne (Traci Czech) announce that they are engaged to Jerry (David Heitzman) and Julie (Heidi Slen Walsh)

Alisa Pritchett was the director for both shows.

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