Blind Date and Wanda's Visit

The group performed a series of one-act plays in August 1997. The plays included: Blind Date by Horton Foote, a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and Wanda's Visit by Christopher Durang. The evening of drama took an affectionate look at relationships between men and women. The plays were directed by Alisa Pritchett and Jane Zilch.

The cast and crew from Blind Date and Wanda's Visit.
Back: Urban Landreman, Jim Penson, Jeff Brown, Matt Landreman
Middle: Karl Grahek, Alisa Pritchett, Ed O'Connor, Kesa Collins
Front: Colleen Pierson, Julie Sweeney, Brita Mau

Ed O'Connor, Matt Landreman, Alisa Pritchett, and Brita Mau in Blind Date

Julie Sweeney, Jim Penson, Jeff Brown, and Colleen Pierson rehearse a scene from Wanda's Visit

Julie Sweeney, Colleen Pierson, and Jeff Brown in Wanda's Visit


The plays were shown at the main stage of the E. M. Pearson Theater at Concordia University - St. Paul. Click here for a map to the theater.

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