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Here are some comments by current band members about what they like about playing with the Lex-Ham Community Band <
Beth - Clarinet
Faith - Flute
Heather - Trumpet
Jodi - Euphonium

I like playing in Lex Ham Band because we perform often for a variety of locations and events, close by.
We play some pieces that I haven't played in other community bands, like "Dixieland Rag" and "My Heart Will Go On." Also, I have gotten to perform in a clarinet quartet for the first time, as part of the band performances.

Lisa- Bassoon

I enjoy playing in the band. I have only been with the band a short while i have found friendly helpful people. Everyone wants to play,have fun and play good sounding music..I find for myself the challenge to sight read which i need a lot of practice. I hope to be able to continue and attend as many practices and jobs as possible.

Keith - Saxes

The Lex-Ham Band has afforded me the opportunity to read music again. Having played in grade, high school and college by note and that ending in 1969, and although I kept playing by ear in churches etc., I had not played by note for 35 years. The patience by members and leaders has been remarkable and appreciated. This band brings back memories as we play some of the great music scores from big-band swing to high-brow classics which, although many times exciting, also brings a calm refreshing to those hearing and playing. Thank you Lex-Ham Band!

Roger - Trumpet


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Last Update: 1/28/2010